21 January 2020

Folklords 3 Preview Pages

Issue 3 of the comic I’m colouring, Folklords (preview pages below), is out January 22nd 2020 from Boom Studios. This was a fun issue and the one I felt I hit the groove of the series as a whole. Matt Smith’s art continues to be incredible and, for me, a joy to colour on every page. Matt Kindt has come up with an enjoyable fantasy world and mystery here that has me reading scripts desperate to know what happens next. I don’t always see the series pitch documents on stuff I work on but I did for Folklords and I knew just from his that this was something special. Each character is done so well. You get a great sense of who each are and what they’re about so far.

No lettering on these, but Jim Campbell has been nothing short of impeccable on this and any other work of his I’ve seen and read. Editors, Eric Harburn and Ramiro Portnoy at Boom, have been stellar to work with so far. Either in running things past them or concerns or even having thoughts and ideas from them has been super helpful in making this a very easy book to work on in that sense.

There’s been flashback sequences in each so far (I think) and that’s where I feel I can really let loose and do something really nice and sometimes weird. Something a little stand away from the main story beats. As a comic colorist, it’s cool to have that little extra bit per issue for creating something to the side of everything else.

There’s a million reason to pick up the series if you haven’t. My collaborators are each knocking it out of the park on various aspects, but mostly it’s a good fun read so check it out.

Chris O'Halloran is a comic book colorist. You can follow him on twitter and instagram.

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